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Tony Giglio is one of Hollywood’s most versatile writer-directors with projects ranging from horror to action, drama, thriller, family and 3-D! He has directed 5 Feature Films, written 8 and has worked tirelessly on over 20 more features & TV shows in such various roles as a 2nd Unit Director, Executive Producer, Actor, Visual Effects Supervisor and more.

Tony Giglio is proud to have written, produced & directed Sony Entertainment’s first ever made for New Media Feature Film entitled
EXTRACTION. The film follows a black-ops member who finds himself the only survivor of a botched prisoner-extraction mission and must escape from maximum-security prison in Chechnya — with the prisoner alive. “Extraction” stars Danny Glover ("Lethal Weapon" series), Vinnie Jones (“Snatch”), Sean Astin (“Lord of the Rings” series), Falk Hentschel (“Knight and Day”), and Jon Foo (“Tekken”). EXTRACTION is the most watched original-scripted program in Sony’s New Media History.

And Critics are calling EXTRACTION, “One of the very best films of 2013! Featuring some of the best fight sequences EVER in an American production.” (
Phil Wheat, Nerdly.UK).

Dennis Gansel (The Wave) is set to direct Avi Lerner’s Millenium Films production of Giglio’s original screenplay
FOLLOWER, which is a contemporary thriller in the vein of Hitchcock’s REAR WINDOW.

Arclight and Radar Films will co-produce
THE HEART OF DARKNESS, an original screenplay written by Giglio & Branden Morgan (co-star in three of Giglio’s films). Set in the year 2350, the film is a re-imagination of Joseph Conrad’s novel (previously adapted into APOCALYPSE NOW by Francis Ford Coppola).

Statham and Tony

Previously, Giglio directed 2nd Unit on RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE in 3-D for Screen Gems/ Constantin/ Impact PIctures. The film uses the same 3-D system that Jim Cameron’s AVATAR used. The film opened #1 in the worldwide box office on September 10, 2010 to a franchise record $73 million.

Universal Pictures and Impact Pictures hired Giglio to pen
DEATH RACE 2, a prequel to 2008‘s DEATH RACE. Giglio wrote the script while simultaneously directing 2nd Unit on AFTERLIFE. The film was released January 18th, 2011 worldwide and stars Sean Bean, Ving Rhames, Danny Trejo & Luke Goss. Based on Death Race 2’s success, Universal moved quickly to make its sequel, DEATH RACE: INFERNO. Giglio wrote the screenplay, which he described as “a prequel to the original which was a remake, but a sequel to the first prequel”. The film was released in January 2013. The film returned stars Ving Rhames, Danny Trejo, Tanit Phoenix & Luke Goss but also added Dougray Scott to the fun.


In 2007, Giglio directed TIMBER FALLS. The horror-dark comedy stars Brianna Brown (TV’s DEVIOUS MAIDS, HOMELAND, ENTOURAGE) and was produced by Arnold Rifkin (DIE HARD 4, TEARS OF THE SUN) and Christopher Eberts (LORD OF WAR, THE PUNISHER). Shot in Romania doubling for West Virginia, Giglio was able to find locations never before filmed in the mountains of Transylvania. The film opened theatrically on December 7, 2007 to extremely positive reviews.


In 2005, Giglio wrote and directed the action-thriller CHAOS, starring Jason Statham, Ryan Phillippe and Wesley Snipes. “CHAOS” was Canadian-UK co-production released by Lion’s Gate in 2008. Why the three year gap? Well… The experience was both incredibly rewarding and frustrating for Giglio. On the one hand, he got to work with some of his favorite actors - Statham, Phillippe, John Cassini (The Game), Henry Czerny (Clear & Present Danger), & Keegan Connor Tracy (TV’s Bates Motel) - as well as Academy Award Nominated Cinematographer Richard Greatrex (Shakespeare in Love), Composer Trevor Jones (Last of the Mohicans), and Editor Sean Barton (Return of the Jedi). On the other hand, the film was saddled with massive budgetary problems, mainly due from Franchise Pictures, the original Financier, having to declare bankruptcy during pre-production after it lost a landmark lawsuit to German-based Intertainment AG. Franchise was found guilty of fraudulently inflating budgets. The film was promptly shut down, only to come back several weeks later. But the film’s financial situation never stabilized. Over 18 days were removed from the shooting schedule, Actors had to be recast and nearly half the budget was slashed. Even after that, the film suffered through eight (8) production shutdowns (2 during pre-production and 6 in the middle of production shooting days) due to the new financier being unable to meet the demands of a professional film. Vendors weren’t paid, crew paychecks bounced, a Producer attempted to steal film off the camera truck & despite guaranteed contracts, none of the main stars nor Giglio were paid until about six months after filming completed - and only under the threat of legal action. Giglio calls “CHAOS” one of his greatest accomplishments, not his greatest film. “ ‘Chaos’ is far from a perfect film, but the simple fact you can view it at all, that the film’s not locked in some cans, on a shelf collecting dust in some vault - and that it’s watchable and looks great, is a miracle!”

In 2004, Giglio co-wrote and directed the World War Two drama entitled
IN ENEMY HANDS, starring Academy Award Nominated Actor William H. Macy, Til Schweiger, Clark Gregg, Scott Caan, Thomas Kretschmann, Lauren Holly, Ian Somerhalder and Jeremy Sisto. The film was released by Lion’s Gate in the U.S. in 2004. Some obscure trivia, Academy Award-winning Director Gavin Hood was one of Giglio’s Cast members.


In 1999, Giglio made his producing & directing debut for the Columbia/ Tristar family-comedy, SOCCER DOG: THE MOVIE. It premiered on HBO. The success of the film yielded a sequel released in summer 2004 (Giglio served as Executive Producer.)

first job in film was as a Production Assistant on THE QUICK & THE DEAD. Giglio, a huge fan of THE EVIL DEAD, wrote director Sam Raimi a letter prior to graduating college seeking employment with him. Much to his surprise, Raimi answered his letter and said, "if he (Giglio) decided to relocate to LA, to look him up." Giglio moved to California shortly after graduation, reconnected with Raimi's office just as Raimi had signed on to direct The Quick & the Dead. Giglio started as an office P.A., but later served as a Set P.A.. Location P.A. and Sam Raimi's P.A. on the production in Arizona.

Giglio gained experience working in the entertainment industry on such high-profile film projects as,

Tony graduated from Seton Hall University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1993. He is a proud member of the DGA, WGA, DGC & SAG. He holds citizenship in good standing status with both the United States and Canada. When not on location directing, Tony Giglio resides in Southern California with his wife and dog.

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